Do you have a thing against all conservatives or only ones who “like” trump? Sorry but I just feel so strongly conservative because I believe America mostly gives everyone a fair chance, and I am very pro life amongst other issues. Lastly I don’t understand how people believe the military is spoiled rich when my husband is in and we barley get by we make so little we qualify for wic and food stamps still. I also just think if you do think they’re paid too much maybe why not join yourselves?

i am not a rude/mean person in general. Sorry if it seemed that way because of my response its just I really hate ignorance of how harmful particular things clearly are, but the only way I will continue any sort of conversations like this is off of anon. I don’t want to keep replying and have this stuff on my dash so if anyone has any questions like this or wants to talk then you’re going to have to send in a nonanon ask or just message me in my pm’s. Sorry I refuse to talk about this publicly anymore to clog up my blog, I’ll be waiting for you! 

Edit: the military is spoiled rich, the assholes just dont give it to the people who do the damn work, just like in corporations.