Im accepting of all stims and of everyone! For a while when i was younger i had a distructive stim where id pick at my skin and it caused lots of side eyes and ugly looks , but now i just rock back and forth or side to side ^^ ( i still get side eyes but oh well ! ) these stim blogs calm me down and im really appreciative of the people who run them ! i was just really anxious bc of the anticishet stim blogger ;; i dont mean to make anybody uncomfortable ty 4 answering :D ur awesome!

aww.. i actually had an ex who did that and I’m glad you found something that helps you better so you could stop hurting your skin. I’m very happy that my blog helps you! I’ll be reblogging a bunch more stimmy stuff tomorrow and I rarely do these unpopular opinion nights, but I enjoy talking to you guys and its one of the few ways I’ve found I can interact with my followers. You don’t have to feel nervous about this blog at all! Thanks!