Um who has trump killed though? He’s giving jobs again and seriously unless you’re in a military family you wouldn’t understand how bad obama downsized.

go read my edit on the post of mention.. also he has taken thousands of jobs away from people even though hes added some. I’m very aware of the current state of our military? You have no idea about my life thank you very much? 
also take a look at the projected “increase” in jobs hes making. 
I’m not going to humor anymore trump asks. Get the fuck off my blog I s2g. I have no patience for this kind of stuff, I’m sorry. I’m not usually nasty but this kinda stuff gets under my skin with the kind of ignorance out there. Hes a blatant sexist, racist, anti lgbt+, telling sensitive info to literally putin, lying, nastiest person I’ve ever heard of existing. Don’t even play.