Designed by my 5-year-old, executes by me.

Well, its not good lookin like some of the masterpieces I’ve peeped on this sub, but this is what I’ve created, and I must say, the little pieces I’ve snuck are delicious! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Teochew mooncakes my mom and I made

After one failure, I made Milkbar’s birthday cake!

Starting to get a hang of this dough thing

So in love with how these princess dresses turned out! I love fun designs like this.

Made my first cake roll last night, this is my second. Lots to learn but look at the porgs!

Jan Ellis pudding. A simple South African dessert. Easy to make and delicious to eat. Especially with custard!

Pear Galette with caramel and applewood smoked sea salt

Here’s a birthday cake I made for my friends 17th – really happy with how it came out! (Inside is layers of red velvet cake and cheesecake)