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How much of you guys actually buy stuff off of etsy? 


Hey guys! I’ve been working on some stimmy stuff in the background! I actually am going to attempt to make my own stimmy toy store! 😀 Alas.. I just looked on etsy and they take a big chunk out of your profit (at least compared to paypal) and you have to pay to even post a listing. I was wondering if anyone has dealt with etsy before and is the visibility worth it or not? Is there a better way? Thanks!


Happy 4/13!!!


I had a brownie for breakfast, so enjoy the lil brownie kick i went on.

That peach wrapped in pie dough video, I saw t…

That peach wrapped in pie dough video, I saw the tag that said orange and I’m ngl my first thought was “bitch that’s a peach” in the most puzzled way until I realized you tag by colors. The bitch wasn’t meant derogatory btw!

LMFAO this made my day. I know the way you meant it lmfao yeah I bet i’d have seen it the same way if I wasn’t the poster xD

for any other followers who dont know though, i tend to tag by colors, dessert type, silent, fast, text posts being not tasty, and by media type

frigatebirds: Hey, does anyone need a binder?…


Hey, does anyone need a binder?

I have a GC2B nude tank that is too small for me, but I’ve worn it too much to return it. Sorry it’s so wrinkly – I will absolutely wash it before I send it out!

Please message me with your chest size if you’re interested. I’m not going to give this to someone who is too big and will be hurt by it. Money would be appreciated however if you can’t afford to pay me it’s totally fine.

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all text posts are tagged: not tasty

Just gonna put it out there, I do talk/vent posts sometimes. So if thats not your thing, you won’t like my blog at times and thats cool! You do you, but I’m just letting you new peeps know now. I don’t talk much, but when I do.. I DO. lmfao and sometimes I like to do nights where people send in pix or talk about shit, but life just has stopped me from doing that lately :C Those nights are so much fun.. I’ll have to make some time.  


Hey all! So, I really need to learn how to do makeup for work, bluh. I don’t really know junk about normal makeup, but I do have a good bit of makeup due to cosplay. However, the cosplay makeup has been more uh.. sci-fi like so I don’t know how to just look like a professional woman I guess.. If anyone knows a lot about makeup and would be willing to answer some questions for me, please PM me! Thanks!


I’m so frustrated. I’m so so so frustrated. I don’t know what to do honestly. So so frustrating. 


I’m off work today and I don’t know what to do with myself 😛 what’s everyone up to?