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I don’t use this but might be for someone out there who does, check it out?

Here’s a pretty comprehensive write-up:

I know this isn’t dessert related, but I know a ton of people who could benefit from this so I thought it was important enough to share.



Raise your hand if you didn’t get any tumblr recommended group chat and you’re BITTER

Tbh the rando group chats seem to be putting p…

Tbh the rando group chats seem to be putting people in ones that don't go with their interests..

i don’t mind! they always say opposite attract 😛



omg the random chat feature. I can’t wait for that ridiculous mess! I want to get in a random chat with you guys! hurry it uppp tumblr! 

no, seriously. where is it already? I’m ready to meet my next life long friend or scandalous lover! Am I hyping this up too much? 😛


omg the random chat feature. I can’t wait for that ridiculous mess! I want to get in a random chat with you guys! hurry it uppp tumblr! 




hot take but blogs on here that never post anything and only reblog other people’s posts are the most valid users on this website

once you start thinking it’s a good idea to share your thoughts online it can only go downhill from there and i’m proof

hell yeah! lmfao everytime i speak my mind it’s just depressing garbage so woo for dessert stims!


Sorry I took such a long break. Just depression and stuff.. I hope everyone has been having a great holiday season and will have a great 2019!







@staff Not exactly the “welcome back to the app store” you were expecting huh

THIS is the kind of protest that tumblr will care about sooner or later. Leave bad ratings and reviews on apple or in the google play store. Lower their rating so hard that it damages their userbase.

Logging off for a single day isn’t of interest to tumblr. I’m not saying y’all shouldn’t protest in any way you can or want, but logging off the site for just one day isn’t going to bother tumblr because tumblr doesn’t CARE about your symbolic protest. Tumblr has proven time and again that it doesn’t CARE about its userbase. We’re still using the site and we won’t stop using the site any time soon because there’s no alternative. But that’s what we’d have to do to hopefully force tumblr to change anything. And they still won’t do it because their policy change isn’t about family values or what the userbase allegedly wants. It’s about money.

So, unless you stop using the site and app permanently, or for a long period of time, this isn’t going to matter to tumblr. And when you do, you need to do it in big numbers.

Leaving them bad reviews in the apple app store or on google play (where it’ll be harder because the current average rating is 4.4 stars and you need to edit or leave a LOT of bad reviews to drastically lower that), is going to do more to damage their reputation and thus do more to compromise their profit.

Guess what I just did.

guess what i’m doing

Putting this on my to do list for today

Dessert Stims Squishies!

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally proud to announce that I make these squishies that are made from medical grade silicone! They are great to mess with in your hands, great to fidget with, just perfect little squishy buddies! I make all of them UV reactive and they glow in the dark! I am working on my website for them currently, but am doing commissions through paypal! I’m thinking of maybe making a tumblr for these if you guys are actually interested in getting any? the basic ones would be a 5 pack for 10 dollars and the halloween ones are 5 for 15. More than 2 colors will have a small upcharge though. There are more pictures of them glowing in the dark or UV and even regular light pictures if you follow this link:

So let me know what you guys think!  Also support a home made business by reblogging pleaseee! 


I think the other anon didnt mean truscum as i…

I think the other anon didnt mean truscum as in someone whose url is "truscum", but as in "are you reblogging from someone who is a truscum" truscum means someone who has transmed beliefs which tru-stim does


not the original anon – tru-stim IS a truscum the first thing in their desc is “stim blog for transmeds"  ~ anon 2 

Yea tru-stim is truscum  ~ anon 3 

thanks for the clarification everyone! I had no idea about transmeds or any of that. I’ll delete the post now that I know which one it was!